Concentrated Nonsense (cinema edition)

Bruce Baillie
January 5, 2008, 1:35 am
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Bruce Baillie

From the Philippines, haircut in the backyard ’96,
a frame from Part III “Memoires of an Angel”.
Backyard wind and clouds, water buffalo and the laundry:
“of loving & laundry, not confusing worlds,
one random, the other
Infinite (which is which?)
Pursued by –
Love I reveal my
unmentionables to the winds”
(from:, accessed January 2008)
(This is the third in an ongoing series of posts that will chronicle, as objectively as possible, curious references to Filipinos or the Philippines in internationally produced art or writing. The reason for doing this, I am of yet unaware. But there is an impulse. They are filed under the category Philippine Chronicle.)

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here’s one: A 1994 American indie horror film called “ASWANG”, which premiered in Sundance. About an American expat family relocating back to the states. Turns out they are Aswangs.

Comment by moalboal film society

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