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101st Anniversary Issue of Philippines Free Press
August 20, 2009, 3:18 am
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On newsstands this Monday…

Plug, via Erwin Romulo:
A special tribute to Cory Aquino featuring new writing by Teodoro Locsin Jr., Fr. Catalino Arevalo, Oliver X.A. Reyes.

As it is our
101 Year Anniversary, this special collectors issue also has articles from the Free Press archives (edited and curated by Ricky S. Torre). Featuring articles by Gregorio Brillantes, Wilfrido Nolledo, Kerima Polotan, Jose Quirino, Jose Lacaba and Quijano de Manila.

The photo on the cover is silencing. The color surrounding her eyes, sans glasses, betraying an inner agony, but her look: to the side and away from the camera, not angry or defiant, simply calm; and her face: tender, as embraced by thought as by sadness, caressed by light; and the stillness, the composure – oh the composure – how impossible to measure…

I asked and was told: It was taken in Times St. two days after Ninoy was shot. She had just returned home from Boston.

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The cover photo of Cory Aquino which I took in 1983 was during her press interview after the transfer of Ninoy’s body from their Time street home to Sto. Domingo church. There were only a handful of reporters probably due to fear of reprisal by the authorities at that time. Only Radio Veritas was bold enough to cover the arrival at the airport thanks to Mr. Harry Gasser who at that time was GM of Radio Veritas. He assigned Jun Tania to cover the arrival at the airport with Ben Piapon stationed at the OB van in Baclaran church.

Comment by Alexander Loinaz

Thank you so much, Alexander, for your comment, and for the story surrounding the photo’s taking. It’s a truly heartbreaking, indelible image. My gratitude to you for taking it, and to the Free Press for selecting and reprinting it for the cover of this issue.

Just to clarify: is it correct that it was taken on Times Street (incidentally, where I live) upon return after the transfer of Ninoy’s body, or was it taken by the Sto.Domingo church?

Comment by Alexis

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