Concentrated Nonsense (cinema edition)

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Editorials (Criticine)
: * updated with each new issue

(8) A Conversation with Edwin (Criticine)
: Interview with one of the finest short filmmakers in Southeast Asia, on the eve of the making of his first feature, “Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly”.
(7) Parlez-Vous Francais? (SEA Images)
: Interview with Raya Martin on his Cannes Cinefondation residency and the blurring lines, borders, and aesthetics between Asian and European cinema.
(6) A Conversation with John Torres (Criticine)
: With John Torres everything is personal. Even interviews. Topic of discussion: his first-feature, “Todo Todo Teros”.
(5) A Conversation with Lav Diaz (Criticine)
: Essay followed by an interview, conducted before Diaz finished “Heremias, Book One”.
(4) A Conversation with Ato Bautista (Criticine)
: Interview with the young Filipino director who surprised with a confident self-financed low-budget debut feature.
(3) A Conversation with Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Criticine)
: Interview with Thai director Pen-Ek between “Last Life in the Universe” and “Invisible Waves”.
(2) Family Meals, Family Values, and Philippine Cinema (Senses of Cinema)
: An interview with Independent Filipino filmmaker Khavn De la Cruz on “The Family That Eats Soil”.
(1) Lav Diaz and the Insane Struggle for Evolution (SEA Images)
: A truncated chat with Lav Diaz on the ever-evolving “Ebolusyon ng Isang Pamilyang Pilipino”, the night before it’s Toronto Film Festival screening.

(18) Raya Martin (Cinema Scope)
: Article on Raya Martin’s “Independencia” for the Cannes 2009 issue of Cinema Scope.
(17) Introduction to a Programme of Philippine Experimental Film/Video Art (Untitled)
: Short introduction to a programme I curated for Valentine Willie Fine Art in Malaysia as part of their Southeat Asian Video Screenings.
(16) The Letter I Would Love To Read You To In Person (Rogue Magazine)
: A letter written in place of an article commissioned about my work in cinema.
(15) When Timawa Meets Delgado (Rogue Magazine)
: A delirious, loose and playful (almost) essay film that dialogues with nursing students and touches on issues of migration. * (Article title not mine)
(14) Final Post: Epilogue ’08 Roundtable (The Auteurs’ Notebook)
: Wrap-up post as part of e-mail round table talking about world cinema issues in ’08 and start of ’09.
(13) Initial Post: Epilogue ’08 Roundtable (The Auteurs’ Notebook)
: First post as part of an e-mail round table talking about world cinema issues in ’08 and start of ’09.
(12) Why and for whom do you work/write today? (Criticine)
: Compiled responses from writers/cultural works in cinema from the Southeast Asian region to a question posed by Criticine.
(11) Why and for whom do you film today? (Criticine)
: Compiled responses from Southeast Asian filmmakers to a question posed by Criticine.
(10) Pinoy Pathos (Filmkrant)
: Notes toward an understanding of the state we’re in (aka, what’s going on in the republic of the Philippines)
(9) A River Runs Through It (Kino!)
: Reflections on a Shot in Lav Diaz’s “Heremias”.
(8) Collective Conscious, Collective Conscience (Fipresci website)
: Notes on “The Bohemian Rhapsody Project” by Singapore artist Ho Tzu Nyen.
(7) Revolutions Happen Like Refrains in a Song (Criticine)
: *(Or rather, are declared as often): Amidst a State of Dependence, A New Philippine Cinema is Born.
(6) Sa North Diversion Road (Criticine)
: Review of the little seen but fine film from Dennis Marasigan adapting a famous Tony Reyes play.
(5) Favourite (Southeast Asian) Films, 2006 (San Francisco Bay Guardian: Pixel Vision)
: Something long, something short, and something old, across 5 SEA countries.
(4) Book Review: Critic After Dark (Criticine)
: Review of important Filipino critic Noel Vera’s first collection of articles.
(3) John Torres is Love (SEA Images)
: A glance into the personal short films (and personal life) of Filipino filmmaker John Torres.
(2) Asia-Europe Digital Film Workshop: A Critical Insight (SEA Images)
: Notes from a digital filmmaking workshop held in Singapore.
(1) Imelda, by Ramon Diaz (SEA Images)
: A critical review of Ramona Diaz’s popular documentary on the former First Lady of the Philippines.

(1) Indie Writing
: A backgrounder. I didn’t choose the title.
(2) Mapping Landscapes, Forming Identities
: Interview with Brazillian filmmaker Walter Salles.
(3) A Director’s Actor
: Interview with versatile Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano.
(4) Conscious and Cool
: Article on Raya Martin and Edwin, two promising young Southeast Asian filmmakers.
(5) Context Canada
: On Don McKellar’s “Childstar”.
(6) Seeking Sanctuary
: On Ousmane Sembene’s “Moolade”.


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