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Independencia Shooting Day 8 (a film by Raya Martin)
December 18, 2008, 1:35 am
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Images from the set of Raya Martin’s Independencia, Monday December 15. Shooting day number 8 of a 15 day straight shooting schedule. While I preserved the color of the images I took, the film is being shot in black and white.

Independencia is the second part of a trilogy that began with Maicling Pelicula Nang Ysang Indio Nacional (O Ang Mahabang Kalungkutan ng Katagalugan) (A Short Film About the Indio Nacional (Or the Prolonged Sorrow of the Filipinos, 2005) and takes place during major periods of struggle in Philippine history. It continues the aesthetic design for the trilogy started by Indio Nacional, which is for each film to mimmick the cinematic style of the era and culture it depicts. For Indio Nacional which took place at the end of the Spanish occupation of the Philippines, that meant shooting in the vain of the silent-film, with a static camera, intertitles, and simple animation, for Independencia, set during the American occupation, it means shooting entirely in a studio, utilizing artificial backdrops, and applying heavy make-up on the actors. Seen in the images above is one of painted backdrops for the film. There are between fifteen and twenty of them in all.

Cinematographer for the film, being shot on black and white 35mm stock, is Jeanne Lapoire, who has worked with the likes of Francos Ozon, André Téchiné and Pedro Costa (for the Straub film), among others. Her full credits can be viewed here.

The actors in the images above are Sid Lucero and Alessandra De Rossi.

The film is to be edited by Lav Diaz.

[Update April 26, 2009: Lav Diaz was no longer the final editor of the film. The credit belongs to Jay Halili]

* outtake after the cut


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All the best!

Comment by amir muhammad

Great production crew and great cast! Can’t wait to see this one! I saw Raya Martin’s Next Attraction @ Cinemanila, and I was very impressed.

Comment by Andy Briones

this looks really really promising. so happy for raya that it all worked out in the end.

Comment by pinoymonster

this looks fantastic

Comment by edward

Those macdonald french fries appear in the film?
Looks great!

Comment by Denial Fernández

[…] Three Filipino films make it to this year’s Festival de Cannes–Raya Martin’s Independencia (set photo above), his collaboration with Adolf Alix Jr. Manila, and Brillante Mendoza’s Kinatay. The latter is competing for the Palme d’Or along films by Pedro Almodovar, Ang Lee, and Quentin Tarantino. Could this be the beginning of a third golden age in Philippine Cinema? [Photo via Concentrated Nonsense] […]

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